• Lack of infrastructure in our churches has been a major challenge in our conferences and the universal church at large but it has been more than a huddle in Lesotho with no facility that can take more than 500 people or anything close.

    A few years back, Maseru SDA church has envisaged to overcome that challenge in collaboration with the conference and started building this 1500 capacity building for use as a hall and a church. As we right this, the hall walls have just been closed and roof installed, but both Maseru Church and Lesotho Conference have nowhere else to raise the necessary resources.

    OIC humbly requests any organisation, church, individuals to extend a hand to support this humble small conference. May the Lord be with you all. For more info please contact:

    Maseru Church Elder: +266 5884 3114 | Lesotho Conference President: +266 5894 2795


    Or Deposit into

    Maseru SDA Church

    Standard Lesotho Bank


    Swift Code: SBICLSMX