• Our Story

    One In Christ (OIC) is a gospel singing group, which was formed in 2006 in the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The mission of this group was and still is to minister in song and in word, locally and internationally, to all nations. OIC began as a quartet, way back then as shown in this memorable picture. As it evolved, it turned into a group of about 7 members singing mostly heritage type of music.

    Around 2009, OIC gained strength and started a journey to build its own repertoire. This lead to the arrangement of songs like "Old Time Religion" and "Kae le Kae le Jesu" (which did not make it onto the first CD).

    We discovered the talent of writing and composing music in our midst, leading to songs like "He is Faithful","Still Close" casually known as "Creation" and many, many more after that.

    Later in 2010, a certain man who resides in Gauteng province, South Africa, accidentally landed in Maseru Seventh-day Adventist Church, and upon hearing the performance of OIC was impressed and decided to invite the group to numerous functions in South Africa. That opened doors to more engagements making all Basotho proud. Eventually the group recruited that same gentleman to support them as their Manager, which he still does even today.

    OIC by this time had developed a style which was much appreciated everywhere they went, which they refer to as "old school". With an infusion of Original Sesotho, OIC has become the people's favourite, Lesotho’s Pride.

  • OIC Members

  • Mojalefa Baatjies


    An outstanding bass singer from TY SDA Church. Joined One in Christ in 2011 and his bass never ceases to amaze us. His dedication goes to an extent of leaving Bloemfontein where he currently resides to Maseru for OIC practice anytime needed. The Lord has really blessed us with his presence. 

  • Khombelwayo Mlotshwa


    (266) 5886 5566

    Khombelwayo is a dedicated, evangelist and ordained elder of Maseru SDA Church. He joined OIC early 2009 together with his then fiancée Mosa Seetsa, later named Thembisile Mlotshwa. He is the producer and technical director of the group. He sings tenor and occasionally on piano when the group needs backing harmony. 

  • Thabiso Sefuthi

    Lead Tenor & Song Writer

    Thabiso is an amazingly talented vocalist on leads and tenor from Maluti Adventist Church. As if that was not enough, his amazing capability to be deployed on any part including soprano and alto makes him an outstanding member of OIC. While amazed by his talent, he excelled further with arrangements of songs like 'Look Beyond Your Pain' and 'Ke Na Le Molisa'.

  • Bokang Matete

    Lead Soprano

    Bokang is one of the sweetest sopranos in the mountain kingdom from Maseru SDA Church. She is a pastor's kid and the only remaining founder of OIC since its inception in 2006. Her incredible vocal ability is instrumental to the OIC sound. 

  • Mamokobo Du Preez


    Mamokobo from Maseru Central SDA Church is among the first members of OIC. She spent four years away from the group while continuing with her studies in China. OIC is blessed to have a member of her character, her continued support even while away is most valued. She has great alto vocals and she is a married mother of one.

  • Thembisile Mlotshwa


    Thembisile is an outstanding and talented performer born and bred in Maseru SDA Church. She joined OIC in 2009 together with her then fiancé Khombelwayo Mlotshwa. This amazing wife and mother of one, has since aggrandized OIC with an evangelistic approach to stage performance, her love for choreographic sequences enables her to communicate music in a way that speaks to hearts and harnesses the evangelistic approach to Adventist Music Ministry.

  • Mathe Seetsa

    Alto & Song Writer

    Mathe is an incredible and talented song writer born and bred in Maseru SDA Church. She joined OIC in 2008 as an alto singer. She is a sister to Thembisile Mlotshwa and her amazing talent of writing songs has not only been appreciated locally but abroad as well. Her song list includes hits like Creation, Hold on, Redeemed, Re Kopa Ho Uena, and He is Faithful, just to mention a few.

  • Thatohatsi Sefuthi

    Lead Soprano

    Thatsi is everyone's favourite. This devoted, dedicated, humble genius grew up in Maluti Adventist Hospital in Mapoteng where her parents continue to serve the church to date. She is a sister to Thabiso and her powerful highest pitched soprano has brought a melodious sound to OIC. 

  • Mehauhelo Sesioana


    Hawi is a born performer. This enthusiastic vocalist was born and raised in Maseru Central SDA Church. She began singing at a very young age and amazed everyone with her stage talent. Her love and support for OIC constantly vibrates from Durban where she is furthering her studies. She is a great alto and a great soprano as well.

  • Sthembiso Motha


    (27) 83 388 4958

    Sthembiso is one of our greatest blessings to whom we can safely attribute the success of this group. He joined OIC as a manager in March 2010. This humble giant has been the engine of OIC in so many ways. Our highest regards to him and his family.